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7 Day Live Access Pass
7 Days of Full Access to the Rock Star Studio Sew and Sewcial Space Live Video Interactions!
This is the place to come to connect with other members - live, interactive with video and audio!

Here at Sew Like A Rock Star,  we believe that we are about so much more than 'just' sewing. Through the last few years, many beneficial relationships have formed between the members. One method that has produced many hours of enjoyment for many people are our "Zoom Rooms". If you're new to this, let us explain:

If you don't know about, you should check it out. Zoom is available for use (with a small, free app) on most devices - computers, android & iOS. You can fire up a 40 minute Zoom with your friends and family - free of charge. When you click into one of our links for the first time, you may be asked to download a "Zoom Cloud Meetings" for that device.   

We have two paid accounts which allow us unlimited time and up to 100 members in a session.  

Some sessions are done "Meeting" style and some are "Webinar" style. We encourage you to explore these and get great benefits from these.

 - Meeting Style is more face-to-face interactive with each other.
 - Webinar Style allows for Q&A times and tend to be recorded.
Both may include close up video of projects and techniques - we have an amazing audio/video system!!!

Recording:   We may record some sessions so that other members may view the sessions at their leisure.
By entering the session, you give permission to be included in any recordings. 
This is meeting style - and totally casual and fun! Meet with other members and sew together, show and tell, and enjoy some great companionship with people from all over the world. May be recorded so others may enjoy at their leisure. May have special topics offered (at member request). Room may also be used (schedule allowing) by groups of members that would like to use this service. We will sometimes throw some surprises around in this group.
These sessions are usually done webinar style as Sally sews some of the work being used in current productions. Recorded when feasible. With access, you will be able to join in through the active Zoom links in the room. You can register for upcoming sessions and will even get a reminder email. We try to offer these at various times of the day and week. These are casual and not meant to take the place of completed workshops. These are meant to be more social, interactive and slow paced than a finished workshop episode. Q&A's are available for the topic at hand.
These 7 Day Passes give you full access to both the Sewcial Space and Studio Sew rooms! They can also be activated at any time and do not expire.
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