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Project:  BONZA!
Available as Mastery Workshop
• Complete Tutorial / Pattern PDF
75 pages, 85 images (only need to print 5 pages) 
•  Step by Step Recorded Sew-A-Long Videos Included
•  More Videos to come! 
This is the one you're been waiting for! 
Reinforced Construction
Unique metal rods provide form and function!  Will keep your bag's shape beautifully!

Stands slightly taller than Bionic Gear Bag to accommodate Needle Wallet & Scrap Bin Accessory (SBA coming soon)
Tall enough to hold your favorite tools vertically.
also previously known as: Bionic Gear Bag Pro 2.0
First, let's talk about the pattern! 
Our mastery workshops always include the Requisite or Complete PDFs for the project.    
Immediate Download!   
BONZA! now includes the Complete Tutorial/Pattern PDF!    
 •  Enroll in the Workshop now
 • Download your own copy from your member area in just a few minutes! (Check your email!)
•  See it done!  Immediate Access to Sew-A-Long Video Recordings
• Sew A Long to the friendly videos! 
•  Loads of support:  Facebook group &  Mighty Networks 
•  Automatic Access to Mastery Workshop videos when they are added. 
•  You'll always have immediate access to all future add-ons and/or revisions. 
  • UPDATE July 15th, 2019:  Workshop now includes the Complete Digital Tutorial/Pattern PDF - 75 pages with 85 images
  • ​The Complete PDF will be printed in hard copy for stores.  As such, it is best viewed BRILLIANTLY on a mobile device like an iPad or other tablet.
  • ​You're going to love the pictures! 
  • ​Before printing, be sure to view the PDF on a device and review the Table of Contents.  
  • ​If you want to save a tree, 😜 , in the Table of Contents, there are 5 suggested pages to print.
  • ​While this project is in the Early Bird stage (until the Mastery Workshop videos are published, BUY IT NOW at a special price)
  • ​Receive full lifetime access to all included materials for this workshop
  • Sally's videos never disappoint! 
Next, take a peek at our exclusive video system!   
Mastery Workshop includes Lifetime, Full Access to all Video Recordings   
Immediate Access!  See every step!  Enjoy sewing with us!  
The project's videos are broken down into bite-size pieces!   Easily find and view the parts that interest you! 
  • Sally Sew-A-Long Recorded June, 2019
  • ​​Impressive Camera System that gives great up close views of the task at hand - better than "front row".
  • ​Get "real" with Sally as she enjoys her time with live attendees. 
  • Lifetime access to the Videos! 
  • ​​You will always pick up a new tip or trick to improve your sewing skills!
  • ​Don't think you need the videos?  You don't know what you don't know.  🤔
  • ​Live audience gives a true "retreat feel"  - the questions they asked might help you!
  • Bite size videos - easy for you to find the thing you're looking for!  (Easy to skip steps if you so desire!)
  • ​ ​17 video sections , 9 hours 9 minutes total running time
Note from Sally: 


THANK YOU for taking a look at this workshop! 

I bet you might be accustomed to just grabbing PDF patterns and then "toughing it out" when you build the projects, riiiiight? 

Well, it's different here.  Big time. 

There are a few things the tribe of Rock Star Sew-Land SHINE at: 

1.   We can do anything.    Forget that "beginner, intermediate, expert" jargon.   I believe that any project can be done with craftsmanship if the right tools are being used for the job -and- the sewist can kick back, relax, and just focus on one seam at a time.   That is all a whole lot easier to accomplish if she can SEE it done first.   We're not a PDF site - we're a teaching/community site. 

2.  If she stumbles, we have amazing help and support!   From our Facebook Group, to our Mighty Networks Discussion Areas, to our Amazing VIP Membership , and to our well - staffed support desk...   nobody can say there isn't help for them.    The trick?  Reach out before you get frustrated!   We want everyone to enjoy the process.    

3.  While we all come together because of sewing, in our tribe, "Sewing is just the excuse that brings us all together."   If you give this group a chance, you're likely to meet some mighty amazing people that will become lifetime friends.   We truly are here for each other.   

There's no judgments.  Just support.   Doesn't matter your age, experience, skill level...   we think it's great you're sewing! 

So, if this is your first foray into trying out one of our projects, we hope you will take advantage of the video portions, too!  You'll find we have a great time - and there's always room for one more to enjoy the community we have going on while you achieve new levels of enjoyment and craftsmanship in your finished project. 

As for this BONZA! project - we're THRILLED with it... it goes far beyond our previous projects in function and durability. 

If you have loved your BGB, you're going to go wild over the BONZA!

Thanks for looking at this - I hope we meet in our live sessions!

-Sally and her Rock Star Team 

Lastly - a little eye candy!   
Look at this amazing BONZA! one of our EARLY BIRD members made
by watching the Sew-A-Long videos... 
We're having fun in Rock Star Land!  
Special thanks to Pam Takos and Linda Reece for this beautiful selection of fabrics and craftsmanship. 
Decisions, decisions.
Did you make it here just to grab the PDF?   Or the Workshop too?
Possibly thinking of joining us? 
You'll only know how much fun we have by watching our videos.
You'll always learn more if you go with us beyond the PDF.   
Here's the difference (play the video on the right to try):
This is just a little sample. We hope you join us!
If a picture says a thousand words, then videos are priceless!  Nothing beats seeing someone else who masters it! 
Choose how you would like to enjoy this project with us.  Click any button below to learn more & enroll.
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