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Retreat! Gainesville, FL 
October 10th - 13th, 2019

We have rooms also available for early arrivals on 10/9.
A LIMITED NUMBER of rooms are available to accommodate late departures on 10/14.
See entire description below for details. 

Gainesville FL October 2019
Oct 10th - 13th, 2019
Oct 10-13th, 2019
 By checking this box/going forward, I agree to the Terms of Use. If you do not accept our terms of use you will not be able to proceed.
Get Your Reservation In Now!
Read Carefully, Check often! Also please review the entire page.  This is THE official source for info regarding this event. 

Our 6th time at this wonderful retreat house!  Our plans are to use this one twice a year! 

This is a FANTASTIC Venue!

Luther Springs Camp and Conference Center
264 Vause Lake Road
Hawthorne, FL 32640

*Everyone* enjoys this place!

Once you are registered, you will be added to the SECRET Facebook group exclusively for attendees of the Florida retreats!  You will be able to look back at previous retreaters' experiences as well as get all of the fine tuned details for this retreat!  

It's a great space with lots of room to spread out, wonderful lighting, lots of electricity (there is an outlet in the floor near each of these groups of tables)
This room is available to us all day and night while we are there.   Get up early, stay up late - do what makes you happy.  

Once you arrive, everything you will need is provided! Miss Sarah is an amazing hostess for us – she’s an amazing cook.

This is a retreat house venue. If you are not accustomed to this culture, just a few pointers:

•  We might be sharing the dining area during meal times with other folks that might be staying at the facility.
•  We try to be KIND and we try to be HELPFUL to the staff here. They are wonderful. So we try to help with cleaning up a bit, maybe running a vacuum for them, etc.
•  When departing, we help out by stripping the bed sheets and bringing soiled linens to their bins they leave out for us.
•  Clean up after ourselves throughout the stay.
•  We always get lucky and have local people help out by bringing a couple of ironing boards, irons, cutting mats
•  Flying in and don’t want to haul a machine? We’ve also been fortunate to have local gals that are driving in be kind enough to bring some extra machines for the “fliers” to borrow - we can't guarantee that, but we have never had a problem.  You'll be able to work that out in the SECRET Facebook group for Florida retreaters. 
•  As soon as you register your intention to come with the “hold my spot” purchase, we will add you to the exclusive SECRET group on Facebook for the attendees of this event. The group is growing into a fun, great place to “learn the ropes” as well as make sure any special needs you may have are met.

You’re going to love this place…

Bring your own wine or other alcoholic beverage if you choose. You also can bring in your favorite beverages like soda, etc. A refrigerator is available for our use.  There is coffee, iced tea & ice provided.
Rooms are comfy and air conditioned.

About this retreat:

This is an “open sew” type “workshop”. Sally floats around the room and is very helpful. She also does some demos throughout the weekend with some great tips and tricks. Sew any project you’d like from the site (and if you work on something else, nobody has heartburn over it - finish that quilt that has been collecting dust if you want!)

We will be able to accept 26 attendees in the main hall. We also may have the use of a second meeting room for this event – so stay tuned! We may try to do something special in there or use it for more sewing spaces.

Official Retreat Times:
Check in: as early as noon on Thursday.
Check out: 4PM on Sunday.

Pricing:   Please read below.   Read carefully.  

To attend, you must purchase both of the first two items:

1. Hold My Spot! This item is $49 and must be purchased by all attendees. This is the item that allows us to accurately get a body count for this event without requiring a 50% down deposit, etc. Please purchase this item *first* as soon as you can. First come are first served.. based on the availability of this item. This is the official list of retreaters - based upon the order in which everyone registers for this one.

Refund policy for this item: 100% refundable if you change your mind (and give up your place in line) four months before the event: June 10th, 2019. Not refundable after you have made any payment towards your “Full Weekend Package” item. 

At least a 50% payment towards your full retreat package (see #2) must be made before two months before the retreat -  August 10th, 2019 - or your spot may be forfeited if we have a waiting list.

2. Full Weekend Retreat Package: Tuition, Room, Meals, Snacks & Gifts –
$335 EARLY BIRD price through July 10th, 2019. 
$395 retreat price goes in effect July 11th, 2019.

This secures the balance of your reservation for double occupancy with a sewing roommate.

Refund policy: Fully refundable if cancelled in writing to  before July 10th. 

50% refundable if cancelled before August 10th.

No refunds after August 10th unless we re-sell your seat.     

Full payment due by August 29th, 2019. 

3. Optional – Private rooms available with a $79 upcharge.  This needs to be paid if you are not going to be on the roommate list.   If you are bringing a hubby or non-sewing guest  - and you're staying together - please add ONE of this item to your cart. 

4.  Optional - Hubby/Non Sewing Person Add-On (meals)  - $135   

Once you are at the retreat, you shouldn't need to go anywhere or need anything.  These rates include everything - sewing room, sleeping room, and amazing home-cooked food.   


Wednesday 2/27:  Travel Day for some - NO MEALS served.   
We have rooms available for Weds night @ $48.09 PER ROOM
(So if you are coming in with a friend, it's $48.09 for the room - make sure only one of you reserves this on the order form)
Arrive as early as 4PM, but remember... no meals are served for this evening nor in the morning.   Plan & shop accordingly. 
Entire room must be set up for sewing before any machines are allowed to be moved in.   
If we get the room set up early, you will be able to set up... we will try for this, but NO PROMISES. 
It all depends on who (staff, helpers) makes it to the venue in time to help move furniture, etc. 

Thursday 2/28 : Officially, staff and helpers set up sewing room in the morning.
Arrivals and sewing room setup for everyone officially begins at noon.
MEALS:  Morning:  BYOD  ... Bring your own donut.   :)
Soup and Sandwich type lunch at 1:00
Dinner at 6:00 .
Contribute your goodies to the Swag Bags
Relax and enjoy your day with Rock Star friends.
Secret sister gifts begin
Sew as late as you’d like!

Friday and Saturday: 9:30 AM big breakfast, 1PM: Sandwich/Salad/Soup type light lunch & 6 PM dinners
Snacks, beverages - bring your own to your taste (coffee, tea, iced tea, ice and water is available)
Sew all day!
Secret sister gifts
Secret Sister Reveal before dinner
BYOB is acceptable

Sunday: Checkout of rooms by 10
                10:30 AM brunch meal.   Last meal of retreat. 
Jammie Chat (subject to internet connection) is live from our retreat at Noon – show and tell your work!
Sew until 4 PM if you are not staying late.

Late Checkout on MONDAY 10/14:  We have ONLY TEN rooms available for late checkout to accommodate flight schedules for Monday, etc.
           $48.13 for the ROOM ONLY... if you are staying with a roommate, make sure only one of you purchases this item on the site. 
            NO FOOD is served  - We usually go run and pick up pizza on Sunday night. 
            We can stay and sew until late - BUT MUST LEAVE ROOMS at 8 AM... so the facility can prepare for next group coming in.

Well?  Are you coming?   

If you are even thinking of attending, do your “Hold My Spot” as soon as possible. If you have retreated with us before, you know this is our OFFICIAL way of having a list of who is coming and get a rough guess as to how many sewing seats we need to be able to accommodate. The seats in the retreat are filled first come, first serve – based on the HMS list.  

This venue is limited to 26 attendees. 
The benefits of doing the HMS are:

• We don’t require a big deposit down far in advance of the event
• It is refundable – no questions asked. So if the time doesn’t work out for you, or the retreat fee winds up being out of your budget, it’s cool. The HMS is          fully refundable up until deadline stated for specific event.
• This fee, when we first offer it, helps us to know what kind of interest we have in this venue… and a better guess of attendance we are going to be able to expect. This helps us when it comes time to sign contracts with the venues for the rooms, sewing room space, etc.

•  If you do not cancel by the HMS deadline, you are committed to the retreat and we have made arrangements/put contracts in place for you.   You are responsible for the retreat fee according to the cancellation schedule of your event.   The terms for each of our retreats may vary according to the venue.  Please read each one carefully - they may not be the same. 

The number of HMSs we have is very important to us – we base venue contracts on that number. 

What to Expect!

• A good time!
• Crazy amount of food.  Nobody starves. 
• Sewing is workshop style. Sally is there to give loads of tips and tricks and guide you through any of your Sew Like A Rock Star projects.
• No one is expected to be sewing a certain thing at a certain time. It’s totally a work at your own pace & pleasure retreat!

Legal yada yada yada: If you have any need to communicate with us regarding your reservation, it must be done through No exceptions.  This page, and ONLY this page, is where all official information/details will be provided. Terms of cancellation/refunding are listed with each item prior to purchase. Please review this often and read carefully before checking out.Any important communication between Sew Like A Rock Star staff done outside of THIS PAGE or through the email address is not guaranteed to be accurate, nor honored. $20 cancellation fee applies to all refunds except the Hold My Spots as described.. 

We look forward to seeing you at this event!   

Sew Like A Rock Star! 
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