Retreat! Castle Rock, CO
January 24-27, 2019
Castle Rock CO Jan 2019
Jan 24th - Jan 27th, 2019
Jan 24th - Jan 27th, 2019
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Welcome to the first gathering at Sally's new studio space in Castle Rock, CO! 

As we always do, once you are registered, you will be added to the exclusive Facebook chat for attendees for this venue. 
That's where you'll all be able to co-ordinate roommates, borrowing machines (if you're flying in), etc.  


January 24 - 27, 2019
Our FIRST gathering in Sally's newly re-acquired studio space in Castle Rock, Colorado!
Come and enjoy a fun, weekend with us in her new classroom! 
 - - - - - - - -   LIMIT OF TEN ATTENDEES - BOOK YOUR RESSIE ASAP - - - - - - - - 
Sew Like A Rock Star Headquarters
1605 Park Street #C
Castle Rock, CO 80109
720 628-0542

Pricing & Details: Please read below. Read carefully.  

Full Retreat : $275 ... VIPs: $175
The Studio/Classroom
Sally's got a comfy, sunny, bright studio & classroom - complete with a little lounge area as well as a kitchen.

We can comfortably accommodate up to 10 guest sewists - each will have their own table & 3-tray cart for essentials.

Castle Rock, CO

It’s great!,_Colorado

Denver International (DEN) 
45 miles - 45-90 minute drive

Colorado Springs (COS)
52 miles - 60-90 minute drive


very close: 

Castle Inn
Super 8
many more within 3 miles. 

 If you are not accustomed to our culture, just a few pointers:
•  We want you to feel comfy and at home with us. 
• Lunches will be brought in... Sally has some ideas, but we are not opposed to changing things up by what the group would like.
• Snacks, coffee, water, etc will be around all day.
• Kitchen is available for simple things - microwave, hot water, toaster, etc.
• For this venue, most people will have had breakfast at their own homes or hotels - but again, we'll have goodies, too.
• We always get lucky and have local people help out by bringing a couple of ironing boards, irons, cutting mats
• Flying in and don’t want to haul a machine? We’ve also been fortunate to have local gals driving in be kind enough to bring some extra machines for the “fliers” to borrow - we can't guarantee that, but we have never had a problem. Again, the secret Facebook group is the place to arrange all that.
You’re going to enjoy your time with us! 

Bring your own wine or other alcoholic beverage if you choose.
You also may bring in your favorite beverages like soda, etc. A small refrigerator is available. 
There is coffee, tea & ice provided.
BYOCC - Bring your own coffee cup!   We have typical paper and styro ware.
Keurig - If you have a favorite coffee or other Keurig-able beverage, feel free to use ours!

About this retreat:
This is an “open sew” type “workshop”. Sally floats around the room and is very helpful. She also does some demos throughout the weekend with some great tips and tricks. Sew any project you’d like from the site (and if you work on something else, nobody has heartburn over it - finish that quilt that has been collecting dust if you want!)

Sew the new BGB PRO bag, if you desire!  Details will be given in your secret group for this venue!

This is the BGB with some fantastic upgrades and features... if you want to make this one, we'll include the pattern & hardware for it.   
Be sure to ask about the fabric and zippers you'll need to bring.  

4 days of sewing, breakfast snackies, beverages, lunches and patterns are included.
Hardware for the new BGB Pro bag, too.
Dinners are on our own - we'll have a "committee meeting" to make it as fun and desirable as we can for everyone.
We can have food brought in if everyone wants to stay and sew while they eat.  

Wednesday 1/23: Rock Star Educator training. 
Travel Day for some - NO MEALS served. 
Thursday 1/24 : Arrivals begin at noon. 
Soup and Sandwich type lunch in the kitchen. 
Contribute your goodies to the Swag Bags
Secret sister gifts begin
Sew as late as you’d like until midnight.  
Friday and Saturday: 
Doors open at 7:30 AM
Breakfast snackies: Juice, coffee, danish, yogurt - in case you didn't fill up at home or your hotel.  
Noonish: Lunch - we can have delivery or we can go out. We'll decide when everyone is available. 
Snacks, beverages - bring your own to your taste (coffee, tea, iced tea, ice and water is available)
Sew all day!
Secret sister gifts

Friday or Saturday afternoon - Field trip to quilt stores???? We'll decide when you're all here. 

Saturday night: optional - Colorado Floyd!

This is a really fun Pink Floyd tribute band at a fun venue in Colorado Springs. Mary Ellen is our group's Groupie that knows the ropes and will get us great seating. Admission is FREE... seating is around tables - so very comfy with lots of space. The music is NOT deafeningly loud.. we found it very fun when Jim, MaryEllen and I went in November, 2018. We're arranging for a "short bus" (my son driving) to take us... stay tuned in the secret Facebook group for details on that. :) Also, if you do NOT want to take this in, you may stay and sew. We want you all to have a great time. 
Sunday: Doors open at 7:30 
Noonish: Lunch - we can have delivery or we can go out. We'll decide when everyone is available.
Checkout of sewing space late in the afternoon

What to Expect!
• A good time! 
• Crazy amount of food. Nobody starves. 
• Sewing is workshop style. Sally is there to give loads of tips and tricks and guide you through any of your Sew Like A Rock Star projects.
• No one is expected to be sewing a certain thing at a certain time. It’s totally a work at your own pace & pleasure retreat!
Legal yada yada yada: If you have any need to communicate with us regarding your reservation, it must be done through No exceptions. This page, and ONLY this page, is where all official information/details will be provided. Terms of cancellation/refunding are listed with each item prior to purchase. Please review this often and read carefully before checking out.Any important communication between Sew Like A Rock Star staff done outside of THIS PAGE or through the email address is not guaranteed to be accurate, nor honored. $20 cancellation fee applies to all refunds. No refunds for this one after December 15, 2018 unless we re-sell your seat. 
We look forward to seeing you at this event!  
Sew Like A Rock Star! 

Restaurants Nearby


Toss Asian

Pizza Hut

Granelli's Pizza (our fave) 

within 1 mile:

Waffle House
Village Inn
Toss Asian
3 Margaritas
Randy’s Ribs
Burger King
Donut House
Dairy Queen
Castle Cafe

within 3 miles:
Five Guys
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Outlet Mall Food Court
New Pizza Place - gotta ask Joel about that
New Fabulous Taco Place - same thing - ask Joel - lol
Red Robin
Pho 777

…. and a whole lot more I’m probably not thinking of!

Grocery - all within 5 miles
King Soopers (massive!)



Outlet Mall 
3 miles away

20 minutes away 

Quilt & Fabric Shops

Joann’s - 20 minutes - near IKEA
Sewciety - 10 minutes
High Plains Quilts - 25 minutes
High Country Quilts - 35 minutes
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