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Welcome to our SECOND YEAR on our new site!

We had a fabulous launch of our custom site in July, 2018!

Thank you to EVERYONE! Especially VIPs!

You have made the past 12 months simply amazing!
To celebrate another year of awesomeness,
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Example video: "Best Ever Zipper Tabs"
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These are separate passes that will be given to everyone who has activated a Premium Trial pass. They will be given out around mid July, 2019.
SSALs coming up: Scrap Bin Accessory, Needle Wallet, and more
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When you have activated your Sally Sew-A-Long (SSAL) pass, that will make you an active SSAL Invite subscriber for 14 days!   As such: 

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The current COMPLETE TUTORIAL PATTERN PDF for BONZA is being released in July!
(we’re just waiting on the final copyright registration # on that one)
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    Come and enjoy the next projects - Scrap Bin, Needle Wallet and more.
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 Enjoy your time with us! 
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Oh... and lots of fun with others from all over the world, too. 
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