Retreat! Rochester, NY 
May 1-5, 2019

Travel in on April 30th or May 1.
A LIMITED NUMBER of rooms available at a special rate at Fairfield Inn & Suites - Webster, NY.
See entire description below for details. 

Rochester, NY -  May 2019
May 1 - May 5, 2019
May 1 - 5th, 2019
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Traveling in? Got questions? You will be able to converse with local attendees.  
The group will go on so you will be able to stay in touch with the new friends you've made!
Future retreaters will be able to take a peek back at previous retreats.
It is the best place to get tuned in to all of the details for this retreat!

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The pic below is from our Florida location... help us create happy pictures for this new Rochester facility! 
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Read Carefully, Check often! Also please review the entire page. 
This is THE official source for info regarding this event.

Our FIRST time at this wonderful venue!  Our plans are to use this once a year! 
We're so grateful to one of our long time VIP friends for arranging this space for us!


This is going to be a FANTASTIC facility for us!   One of our members has a hookup for us for this one!   
This helps to keep the costs low, and the fun factor high! 

Webster Fireman's Building
Webster Fire Department Auxiliary Building

172 Sanford Street
Webster, NY 14580

About 30 minutes (approx 15 miles) from Rochester International Airport (ROC)

This place has a lot to love about it! 
• SPACE!   
• Full Kitchen
• We have someone cooking most of our meals - included. 
• 8' tables - one person on each side
• Loads of electricity! 
• Ice Maker
• Lots of parking
• Very private, quiet
• Outdoor grill available
• Picnic tables
• Keurig available - bring your own favorite cups
• Tea drinker?  Let us know, bring your tea and fixin's - we will bring a hot pot. 
• Sewing time from early morning to late at night! (subject to what attendees want) 

• Very close to hotels & shopping

Within a few blocks:
•  Fairfield Inn (special rate hotel for this retreat) 
•  Dairy Queen!
•  Starbucks 
•  Dunkin' Donuts 
•  McDonalds, Chipotle, Burger King, Wendy's, KFC
•  Just blocks away from Wegman's!   Super Uber grocery store!  If they don't have it, you don't need it!
Just sayin' - everything you may want is convenient. 

This is a hall-type venue. If you are not accustomed to our culture, just a few pointers:

• If you are hooked on a certain type of beverage or snack, BRING IT!
• Remember, we will have a Keurig and hot water available - as well as there is an ice machine.
• We have the use of a refrigerator - feel free to bring your own canned or bottled beverages.

•  Bring your own wine or other alcoholic beverage if you choose.

• We try to be KIND and we try to be HELPFUL to everyone.

•We have someone doing most of the cooking for us.
•We will help with setting up and cleaning up

• When departing, we need to make sure we don't leave a mess or items in the fridge, etc.
• Clean up after ourselves throughout the stay.

• We always get lucky and have local people help out by bringing a couple of ironing boards, irons, cutting mats

• Flying in and don’t want to haul a machine? We’ve also been fortunate to have local gals that are driving in be kind enough to bring some extra machines for the “fliers” to borrow - we can't guarantee that, but we have never had a problem. You'll be able to work that out in the SPECIAL GROUP group for New York retreaters. 

We will be able to accept 24 attendees for this first event. 


Oh, we're looking forward to this!

Official Retreat Times:
Discounted Rooms available for Tuesday (come in early) to Sunday .
Check in to sewing room: as early as noon on Wednesday.
Clear out sewing space: 1PM on Sunday.  

Optional:  If you're interested in any come early or stay later activities, discuss that in our Mighty Network group for this retreat.

We have control of the room - so we can come as early in the morning and stay as late at night as we want!   That usually means we open up the sewing room about 7:30AM and go until Midnight.   If we start to have too much fun, we have been known to stay later. 

From all I've heard, it's a great space with lots of room to spread out, wonderful lighting & lots of electricity.

- - - - - - - - - - - -   More details coming soon - - - - - - - - - - 

TUESDAY:  Arrive on Tuesday if you'd like.   Optional:  Some of us will be around and we'll head out for a dinner somewhere together.


Noon:  The room opens.  Snacks available and make-your-own sandwich fixin's.
Afternoon:  Machine set ups
Dinner:  In - enjoy a meal made by our hosts.    Help clean up, please.

Secret Sister Sneakiness begins  Optional, but ALWAYS fun!  You will regret it if you don't participate! 

Committee meeting:  Where we want to eat on Friday night!   We'll go out for social dinner. 


Secret Sister Sneakiness



Secret Sister Sneakiness



Secret Sister Sneakiness


Secret Sister Reveal - always a great time! 



Depart at 1PM
Cleanup Hall

Shown above:  Three different sizes of our popular Mojo pattern.   Super easy and fast to make.   Great gifts.  

While you undoubtedly will learn a lot from this experience, this is not a class.

This is an “open sew” type “workshop”. Sally floats around the room and is very helpful. She also does some demos throughout the weekend with some great tips and tricks. Sew any project you’d like from the site.

If you are so inclined, this would be a great time to make the new BONZA!  


Please read below.   Read carefully.  

To attend, you must purchase two items:

1. HMS = Hold My Spot! This item is $49 and must be purchased by all attendees. This is the item that allows us to accurately get a body count for this event without requiring a 50% down deposit, etc. Please purchase this item *first* as soon as you can. First come are first served.. based on the availability of this item. This is the official list of retreaters - based upon the order in which everyone registers and pays for this item.

NOTE:  The terms of this retreat:

Refund policy for HMS: 100% refundable if you change your mind within 72 hours after registering.  
(Usually:  Give up your place in line at least four months before the event. Not refundable after you have made any payment towards your “Full Weekend Package” item.  We're doing this one on late notice, so terms are different than usual) 

At least a 50% payment towards your full retreat package (see #2) must be made by April 10th, 2019
Full payment due April 25, 2019  
If not paid, your spot may be forfeited if we have a waiting list.

2. Full Retreat Package: Tuition, Meals, Snacks & Gifts –
$275 EARLY BIRD price through April 5, 2019. 
$325 retreat price goes in effect April 6, 2019.

Refund policy:

No refunds unless we re-sell your seat.     
 These rates include: sewing room, most meals, and an amazing fun experience!   

Well?  Are you coming?   

If you are even thinking of attending, do your “Hold My Spot” as soon as possible. If you have retreated with us before, you know this is our OFFICIAL way of having a list of who is coming and get a rough guess as to how many sewing seats we need to be able to accommodate. The seats in the retreat are filled first come, first serve – based ONLY on the HMS list.  

This venue is limited to 24 attendees.

Our reservation info: 
Hold My Spot (HMS) 
The benefits of doing the HMS are:

• We don’t require a big deposit down far in advance of the event
• It is refundable – no questions asked. So if the time doesn’t work out for you, or the retreat fee winds up being out of your budget, it’s cool. The HMS is          fully refundable up until deadline stated for the specific event - usually 4 months out.
• This fee, when we first offer it, helps us to know what kind of interest we have in this venue… and a better guess of attendance we are going to be able to expect. This helps us when it comes time to sign contracts with the venues for the rooms, sewing room space, etc.

•  If you do not cancel by the HMS deadline, you are committed to the retreat and we have made arrangements/put contracts in place for you.   You are responsible for the retreat fee according to the cancellation schedule of your event.   The terms for each of our retreats may vary according to the venue.  Please read each one carefully - they may not be the same. 

Please:  The number of HMSs we have is very important to us – we base venue contracts on that number. 

Legal yada yada yada: If you have any need to communicate with us regarding your reservation, it must be done ONLY  through No exceptions.  This page, and ONLY this page, is where all official information/details will be provided. Terms of cancellation/refunding are listed with each item prior to purchase. Please review this often and read carefully before checking out.Any important communication between Sew Like A Rock Star staff done outside of THIS PAGE or through any other form of communication (other email addresses, personal messages on social media, text messages, etc) is not guaranteed to be accurate, nor honored. $20 cancellation fee applies to all refunds except the Hold My Spots as described.. 

We look forward to seeing you at this event!   

Sew Like A Rock Star! 

Sewing Machine! 


One of the fun things we do at retreat is have fun with a Secret Sister program.  
This is totally optional - but it is soooo much fun!  You will regret it if you do not participate! 

Complete info on this coming soon! 


We have special room rates of $99 per night.  
If you want a roommate, using our special retreat group in Mighty Networks is the best way to get hooked up with one! 
Sew Like A Rockstar Mighty Network!

Call to reserve a room ASAP
The special rate expires April 10th. 

Fairfield Inn
915 Hard Rd, Webster, NY 14580
(585) 671-1500
When you call, push 0 to bypass the recorded nonsense and get to a real person.
Ask for the special rate for Sew Like A Rock Star.

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